Forum Iulii is the old name of this clean, functioning “regione” of Italy. Its capital Trieste is repeatedly achieving No. 1 spot in quality of life in Italy.

With its impressive basilica of ca. 1000 and important history from antiquity (4th city of Italy in Ancient Rome) along with unique gigantic floor mosaics, the original patriarch’s seat at Aquileia makes this town a quiet cultural destination, highlight and historic focusing point of Friuli.

Austrians as well as other nationals love to come and stay here, to visit wine estates (Italy’s best white wines), play golf at the lagoon, in the vineyards or amongst the Carso’s unique vegetation, swim at ancient Grado’s beaches, sail along the coast, visiting the important castles and villa’s and enjoying sea-food or the renowned prosciutto di San Daniele, proud equal of Parma’s. Shopping in Udine and hiking near the Longobards’ first duchy’s capital Cividale, as well as the curiosity of seeing the fortress-town of Palmanova are further options.

Some foreigners have bought property in the wine areas, others along the small rivers leading to the lagoons, still others buy sea-side apartments in Grado and there are even some who adore Trieste and desperately seek a pied-à-terre there. And some want big houses in the hinterland.