Venice & Veneto

The unique character, quiet and yet astonishing beauty of Venice and marvel of living without cars, transport by foot or boat, make this one of the most special and sought after destinations world wide. To truly enjoy Venice, one either has to stroll along the lesser known areas or stay here or come here also in low season.

Veneto is the political unit “regione” of which Venice is the capital and therefore mainland hinterland with Treviso. But it especially includes important cities and cultural powers in their own right such as Padua, Vicenza or even Verona.

Culturally Padua has a University as old and significant over history as Cambridge. The vaults on the courtyard show coats of arms of noblemen from many parts of Europe, which did not yet have a University in about 1300. More importantly Padua houses the impressive basilica/burial place of Saint Anthony one of the most important saints of Christendom. Famously the Scrovegni Chapel is a masterpiece of Giotto’s art, equalled only by his opus in St. Francis’ Church in Assisi. For the economy, Padua is important as the powerhouse of the immensely rich industry of the Veneto, which is dispersed around Padua right up to Vicenza and also Mestre and Treviso.