Elegant Friulian Villa near Palmanova

Set in the Friulian Plains, but with the mountains visible this property possesses the fascinaton typical of the Ville Venete as well as the discrete reservation of a country residence. The facade on the rear of the house opens up to an harmonic large garden and park where the rhythm of the plants and trees initially gives pleasantly collective corners before opening up to the entire estate at the far end.

Property overview

This villa appears to be a Villa Veneta. In fact it is a Villa Friulana, which differs somewhat in style. Without being as gigantic or ostentatious as some other ones, it is nevertheless a very attractive and grand villa. At the rear of the house is one of the most delightful gardens of Friuli, extending over more than one hectare and boasting very tall and old trees. In parts it has the cosiness and protective spirit of a private garden, in others the elegance of a stately private park. At the far end it contains a large pond and offers views over the paddocks to pine-trees and the fields.


The over 1,000 m² Main Villa has been lovingly restored by its owner, himself an expert art-historian. Many representative rooms and bed-rooms. Lovely stair-case. The large kitchen caters also for the hotel. There is a purpose-built and therefore dry wine-cellar. Some of the less imposing side-buildings are presently organised as a country hotel and offer 20 rooms (1,500 m²).

Euro 2.8 million

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